Art of..

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just something I felt like trying. Trying out some new types of colouring, learnt it from a dude by the name of daarken.

Search him up, he has a youtube and a deviantart.

Here are a few from my life drawing classes. Just a few.

Did this for a dude by the name of Splendidriver on deviantart ( due to the fact that this grand fellow, always favorites everything I do on that site. This guy is more dedicated to my art then I may be. He is damn good, and has a really awesome style to his art.
So, the story was, I asked him what his favorite bug was, he said a bee "if he had to choose" so for the next installment of my bug series, I did this one for him. I will do up another one. I may switch up the colour style, but I am not sure yet.

Monday, November 1, 2010

This one was the one they accepted. This one I got some help by an amazing artist by the name of Patricio Betteo PLEASE go look at his stuff. He is bloody brilliant. Anyways, he gave me some tips with the glow that it has as well as some of the foreground shadows and such. I hope you enjoy.

This was a proposal pic done for the Oakville Rotary Club for an auction they are having in a few days. They didn't choose this one because it was more of a traditional auction. The one they are doing is an online one.

Anyways, I really like this one. Hope you like it too.
This one was the final page as they walk away down the beach holding hands, this and the other were my personal favorites. I hope you enjoy it.
Here is a page from a story book I did. It was a proposal from a really great fellow to his fiance. The whole story was one he used to tell his Girlfriend, he then decided to turn it into a book, and proposed at the page where the character did the same. Absolutely amazing proposal, great guy.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Here is the water strider. I really think I could have pushed the legs a little bit longer than they are. Maybe later on.
Did this a while back. I was aiming to do some pics with bugs, but without making them look like bugs really, and in stead just bear similarities to them. So that's why he has the big backpack, and the big staff/club. Hope you enjoy it, I will post more later.